fjern cannabis vokser lukt

Hello, everybody. My name is Jack and I build home grow equipment. For those of you who are new to the channel, right now I’m building a mini grow box, which is being crowdfunded on And in my last video, I asked you to fill a quick questionnaire and tell me what you really want in a grow box. I got over 100 responses. Thank you very much. The number one most important thing that you guys want in a grow box is stealthiness. Basically, you don’t want anybody to find out what you’re doing. It’s very smart and in this video, I quickly show you what you need to do in order to keep your grow box completely stealthy. Let’s go.

Cannabis lukter tungt. Everybody knows that smell. Everybody immediately knows what’s up. So typically how we solve this problem is by using an air filter like this. The air flows in here. The fan pushes the air out of the tent, and in here, the smell gets filtered. However, this does not always work 100%. A lot of people have the problem that there still is some smell leaking out of their tent.

I’m going to show you now how you can make this filter work much better. This is the cabin air filter. This is just a dust filter and I’m going to open this thing up now to show you how this works. In there is charcoal. If the air flows through this stuff and then it removes this smell. This is why many people complain that the filter doesn’t work. The air goes through here too quickly and then the carbon doesn’t have enough time to work its magic.

Så det du trenger å gjøre da er du trenger å bremse ned vifte. Bedre vokse telt gi deg en fan speed controller, noe sånt som dette. Du kan manuelt sakte ned vifte.

Denne type arbeider, du bare nødt til å manuelt gjøre det hele tiden. Hvis du ønsker å gjøre litt bedre, du kan få en automatisk løsning. For eksempel, som den som brukes i min vokse boks tomat telt. I det, vil du få en digital skanning. Denne kommer med en håndkontroller. Du kan veldig presist styre hastigheten på viften eller du kan også gjøre det automatisk. Det vil redusere vifte hastighet så mye som mulig mens du fremdeles holder temperaturen i rett område.

So yeah, that’s the main secret. You need to have the air run through this thing very slowly, then it will work.

So here’s a very simple trick of how you can make sure that 100% all the smell gets destroyed. So this is filter number one. How about you use a second filter? Let me show you:

The way a tomato tent is built, you can remove this and you put a second filter in there. Now you’ve got two filters. Filter number one, air goes up there, filter number two. You will not have any smell problems even if you get an unexpected visit from your landlord or your parents-in-law or your alcohol-drinking neighbor. They will not smell a thing if you use two filters.

By the way, this is a tomato tent prototype. This all doesn’t look completely clean. Eventually this will be made out of beautiful, black plastic, very shiny and nice, and very strong, and it will look picobello. Also, we’re going to get rid of these cables so that this all looks nice, but I’m just showing you what you could do. You could use a second filter and get rid of all the smell.

The stealthy grow box should also be small because a small grow box will always be more difficult to spot than a big one like this. That’s more difficult to hide, isn’t it? But a small one like this, you can just hide in your wardrobe. But if you do that, you need to leave the door open, just a little gap to let some fresh air in.

There’s always a little bit of light leaking out at the bottom and that might give away what it is. You see, if you have a visitor at your house, maybe they don’t know what this black box is and they don’t really register it their mind, but if there’s light coming out it kind of gives it away.

We need this opening there for air to come in. But what I could do, and I haven’t actually built this yet, you guys let me know if that’s a good idea or not, you can have an emergency kill switch button on your phone. Now if you push that button, then the whole grow tent goes dark. You shouldn’t leave it like this for long because the fan is not running anymore and the plants don’t get air, but for 30 minutes maximum also it’s fine.

Here’s something else that can give away your secret marijuana grow box. If that thing is too noisy, somebody may figure out what’s up. It’s night time, the whole house is dark and I’m standing in front of the fridge. If I’m not trying to find any food, I’m trying to measure how loud the fridge is with this sound meter that we can compare the fridge to the tomato tent to have some idea of how loud or how quiet the tomato tent is. Okay, let’s go. It’s about 53 dBA.

And now I’m back at the tomato tent, here and I’m measuring this. It’s like 48, 49. So it is kind of similar to a fridge. The noise comes out of here because the fan is in there. So I’ve shown you before that we could also put another filter on here. This actually makes the box even more quiet. It stops the noise from coming out of there, so there’s another argument to use the unique double filter system that you only get from tomato tent.

There’s also this thing called bill shock. If your power bill suddenly goes up, for example, if it has been $50 and suddenly it goes to $150 that means that somebody could get suspicious, maybe your landlord or whatever.

I was going to show you my electricity meter, but it’s behind here and it’s locked.

Of course these days, we are using all kinds of different LED lights. It doesn’t use as much electricity anymore. So my grow box here, tomato tent uses 70 watts. That means your power bill will go up by around $10 per month and nobody would notice. And in return, you get anything from between half an ounce to three ounces of weed.

This thing is available on Indiegogo. We already are at 28%. thank you very much for everybody who has bought one. Now I’m still making small changes to make it better and better. And recently I bought one of these quantum meters. These can measure the light intensity, the light plants used for growing. This is the sensor here and I’ve measuring down here. If I measure down there, the intensity is not really that high. This is like 275. It’s extremely bright up here. The maximum the meter can do is 4,000 and so if the plants are big, tall then this would be fine. However, I would like to have some more light here at the bottom for when you have little baby plants. So I’m making a small change. I will make the light adjustable so you can move it up and down a few inches above your plants for best results.

And a lot of you guys have also said that the tomato tent is really too small for you and you already have your own grow box, but you really liked this controller. This controller is also available on its own. It comes together with this fan. I just made this beautiful box for you guys. So if you get your tomato tent controller, you get it in this beautiful box. It’s a controller, the fan, a temperature humidity sensor. I mean, look at this box. Yeah, I made that on my computer.

Okay. Anyway, thank you very much for watching my video. If you liked this content, please subscribe. If you want to leave a comment, please do so. If you haven’t bought your tomato tent yet, click the link underneath and it will bring you to the Indiegogo campaign. All right, talk soon. Thanks for watching. See you.